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Watch: The Birds (1963) Finally Made Exciting with a Modernized Trailer

Hitchcock in The Birds (1963)
Some guy walking his dogs in The Birds (1963). By the way, Michael Bay often puts his dogs in his movies!

You may have caught wind of a planned The Birds (1963) remake that has been fluttering around the film world lately. Originally directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the updated blockbuster will be produced by Hollywood director Michael Bay (best known for directing two films with DVD releases that confuse Criterion fans to this day), assuring an action-packed and much needed facelift to the otherwise aged original. We can’t wait to see a truck or bus attacked by birds and somewhat unexplainably flip over on a highway or bridge — a must in any modern action film.

To celebrate this occasion, we here at True Cinema Buff decided to create a Michael Bay-esque trailer of the 1963 oldie.

psycho vs psycho
A side by side comparison showing the less exciting Psycho (1960) (left) VS. the gritty, modern, and better Psycho (1998) (right). Watch a video comparison here.

It made us even more excited and hopeful for the eventual release. Reminiscent of when Gus Van Sant finally brought some excitement to the otherwise dated and bland Psycho (1960) (which was in black and white), with his remake, Psycho (1998) (which was in color), we can only hope this new The Birds will be equally as updated and therefore watchable. Until then, this True Cinema Buff modernized trailer will hold you over. Watch the trailer above!



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